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After 20 + years in practice, we fight for justice for personal injury victims with the same passions and idealism as we did on our first day. Sentinel of Justice is not an empty corporate slogan.  It is what defines us and makes our firm stand out from the rest.  

Every personal injury lawyer dreams of having the perfect case — no liability issues, significant injuries, and unlimited insurance coverage.  What makes us different is that we don’t shy away from cases with obstacles to overcome.  

If an accident severely impacted your life, and negligent defendants are blaming you to avoid responsibility, let us get you justice to help you put your life back together.

Zivotov Law takes on the "impossible" cases — always achieving great results

$14,000,000 AUTO ACCIDENT

Car Service Driver blamed for causing accident found blameless after trial, 14 million Verdict


HVAC mechanic blamed for causing his own injuries in 20 foot fall through attic ceiling, 9 million Verdict.


Pedestrian blamed for not seeing a truck that struck him in a crosswalk found blameless by the court, 5.25 million Settlement


Airport cargo loading employee blamed for his own injuries when he tried to prevent an improperly stacked cargo from toppling, 1 million settlement 

$800,000  CAR ACCIDENT

Young women injured in a car accident was offered 17k for fractured collar bone, case settled for 800k due to brain injury


84 year old victim of medical malpractice blamed for her drop foot condition due to her advanced age, 500,000 Settlement


Pedestrian struck on her knee, didn’t fall but developed back problems requiring surgery, 800,000 Settlement 


16 year old Ukrainian boy blamed by relatives he was visiting for injuring fingers by lawnmower blade, 500,000 Verdict - relatives found 50% liable for failing to instruct and supervise

Featured Case

Zivotov Law is part of the legal team representing the family of brain-damaged Russian heavyweight boxer Magomed Abdusalamov and has filed court documents that state their intent to file a $100 million lawsuit against the state of New York and its athletic commission, alleging negligence and medical malpractice.

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